May 24, 2009

Friendship Chain Award 2009

Friendship Chain
I received this Friendship Chain Award from my friend, Lily Arbee. She is from Malaysia. Thanks to Lily, I am proud to be part of this award.

1. Start copy from... bla .. bla .. bla ..
Sorry, this time I break the rules. Again?
Yes! For the original rules, you can read Lily's post here. I want to make it simple. Here are the new rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to people who give this award
3. Tag your friends as much as possible.
As usual, I want to give this award to my friends. Here they are:
Dorothy L, Timeguitar, Cara Belajar, Irtiza104, Musicfreak, Blog Sedekah, Aang Kunaifi, Hero-bussiness, Lyla, and Khristel Jane.
If you have received this award, please give to other people. Anyone who have not received this award, do not hesitate to take it. Thank you very much.


  1. Congrats on your award. I have an award for you. Come and get it at my blog under the post titled; "Isn't It Interesting and Lovely?"

  2. congrat...!!! to you, and congrats to all in a list....

  3. As always I do not take others award but yes, I am happy you had it.
    Congrats ! Congrats ! Congrats !

  4. congrats you for award for free online friendship check my blog

  5. Wow.. award and award... dede emang manteb...

    Congrats for the nominees...

  6. hohohoh... thank you very much... i received another award again :)

  7. woww,,selamat mr dede andro,,
    memang tdk salah klo award teruju ke anda
    tr ksh jg klo award ditujukan kepadaku,suatu amanah yg td ternilai harganya buatku
    aku sdr tdk tahu kriterianya knp dpt kepercayaan dr anda..
    tp kepercayaan dr anda sangat memotivasiku..

    good luck

  8. congratulation for award,semoga menambah segaga galanya.......................................

  9. @ Bingkee. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment here. I will grab the award soon for sure. Give me a day or two. Thanks for the award as well. Cheers :)

    @ Harry, Hobo, Jojo. Thanks for your comments and support.

    @ Idot, Aang. Manteb marketeb ya om :) he he

    @ Lyla. Yes Lyl, this one is for you too :)

    @ Blog. Award ini merupakan bagian dari penghargaan D kepada komenter di blog ini. Hanya dengan meninggalkan komen di blog D, secara otomatis udah menjadi bagian dari komunitas DedeAndro dan bakal kecipratan award - award yang laen (kalo ada). Nah, ini merupakan bentuk penghargaan-nya :)

    @ Along. Thanks atas doa-nya :)

  10. Thx For This Award Friend..i will to take it....

  11. Thanks for awarding me dude,I'm not familiar with this kind of stuff,this is actually my first time receiving something like this. By the way,I've uploaded the image and embedded your link with it.Thanks again.... :)

  12. Thanks for this article. I created my own seal for I havent receive one yet. You are one of my Awardees at AgentPXand The Code of Blogging

  13. @ Hero. Wow, I'm glad to hear that. Appreciated much :)

    @ Music. It's ok. It is just about my appreciation to the readers and commenters of my blog. I will check out your blog today :)

    @ Agen. Thanks you so much for that :)

  14. Nice post with cool comments love your comments.


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