May 1, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers April 2009

CreditBumThis lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on my blog the most in the last 30 days:
The Credit Bum. About credit, credit cards, managing debt and getting out of debt as fast as possible. 20 ECs

Blog Mockers. Critical review of blogs from all around the blogosphere mixed with a bit of commentary on life. 15 ECs

Autism Experiences. The experiences of one parent with an autistic child. 15 ECs

A Simple Life. A 40 year old mother of two who likes to write just about anything. A baking enthusiast, a crafter and a hobbyist. This is about me, my views, my interests and my favorites. 10 ECs

Mommy's Little Corner. A blog that talks about my adventures of being a wife and a mom. This blog also focuses on food, nutrition and health. 10 EC

Sound Of A Soft Breath. "Avoid silence, avoid solitude, avoid any train of thought that leads off the beaten track. Concentrate on money, sex, status, health, and (above all) on your own grievances. Keep the radio on. Live in a crowd. Use plenty of sedation..." Have you given this a try? Now... 10 ECs

Blogging Ideas. Ideas about what to blog about and how to go about doing it! 5 ECs

Vacation Oregon. Information about various places, activities and facts about Oregon and things to do within the state. 5 ECs

Super Fisherman. My fishing stories and adventures, as well as tips and tricks for fishing and enjoying the out of doors. 5 ECs

The Modern Mom. Moms like me are becoming more and more housekeeping savvy. From stretching the family budget to diy's, smart solutions and more. Being a wonder mom is now no sweat with all these wonderful alternatives. 5 ECs
Next month rewards:
# 1 would get: 25 ECs
# 2 - 3 would get: 20 ECs
# 4 - 6 would get: 15 ECs
# 7 - 10 would get: 10 ECs
Thank you for being my top droppers!


  1. Thanks for the recognition and the 10 EC. You make my dropping on this blog easy. I enjoy stopping by your blog each day. It is well designed and chocked full of useful info on the internet and blogging. Keep up the good work it is appreciated by me and I am sure many others.

    peace & grace,

  2. lama gak berkunjung ke sini... makin mantaab aja blog nya... sukses yow bos... btw, blog ini saya masukin daftar dofollow blog untuk postingan saya nanti yow bos... thanks...

  3. @ Mybibledevotional. Yup, no problem Brad. I'm glad to hear that from you. I do hope you and others enjoy stopping by here. Really appreciated, thank you.

    @ AaLiL. Makasih bro supportnya. Dengan senang hati sob kalo mo dimasukin daftar DoFollow. Kabari ya, keep in touch :)

  4. congrats for the winners... saya gak punya entercard sih... ihiks... ditolak neh tempo hari...

  5. @ Idot. Bisa di coba pake blog bahasa Inggris oom, sapa tau ketrima :)

  6. Great and realistic facts and ideas shared in a great way.

  7. @ Glasgow. Thanks for the feedback and the support as well :)


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