May 12, 2009

Be-A-Magpie Twitter Ad Network

Be-A-Magpie is an ad network for Twitter. They will pay you to insert ads among your tweets.

The ads are based on keywords. Be-A-Magpie will analyze the content of your Twitter messages to see if there is a match with the advertisers.

You can specify the number of ads that will be inserted. One Be-A-Magpie tweet every ten tweets is their standard, but you can choose to have one Be-A-Magpie tweet per 200 tweets, or 1:1 ratio.

You can also use your earnings to advertise with Be-A-Magpie.

You only need to have a Twitter account to sign up and a PayPal account to receive your payments.

Click here to sign up Be-A-Magpie.


  1. Wow... again and again.. make monye online from twit-twit... thx dedeandro.. i'll follow what u do...

  2. this is a very good site!!! very nice!!

  3. hi!! just follow your blog coz its so cool!! btw, i have a question, how do you do that "more in your posts" and then you can also hide it?? please help me.. i want to have that too... can you help me please? :)

  4. Dede... is it same with twtad? nice info dede...

    btw.. u have something to do for me... just check it out... kekeke...

  5. this is a great way to make money :)
    thanks for sharing

  6. @ Tips. Glad you found it useful.

    @ Tips-facebook, Yoyok. Thanks for the feedback.

    @ Wazzup. Thank you. About more/hide post, you can find it via this link:

    @ Idot. No, it's not same as TwtAd I think :P. I'll review TwtAd on my next post. OK, I will check it after doing my round. Thanks Idot :)

    @ Lazy. Yup, no problem :)

  7. maybe this is better than twittad. hhehe... may i link exchange with you?

  8. ok dedeandro, cant wait to read ur next post about twtad....

  9. @ Sapu. Yeah, I think so. Sure, just put my link on your blog, then put your link here: by yourself.

    @ Really. Yes, absolutely.

    @ Idot. Done already :)

  10. heh guys,
    check this out
    i think its better than magpie, what do you think !!

  11. @ Simple. Hey, thanks for your info will check it out then :)


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