Apr 27, 2009

WhatsYourTweetWorth To Show Twitter Worth

Previously, I have posted about Twittad (where advertisers can purchase your Twitter background and you will be paid for it). Then, what is your tweet worth?

WhatsYourTweetWorth is a site sponsored by Twittad to tell you how valuable you are on Twitter (based on how many followers, followings, and updates you have).
The price of your profile is displayed in dollar per month. It said that DedeAndro (which has 370 followers, 369 followings, and 448 updates) is worth $56.10 per month. I do not know about its accuracy.

As you all know, my followers are low. If I get more number of followers, it will automatically go high.

So, what is your tweet worth? Go check out, WhatsYourTweetWorth!


  1. Wow...thanks a lot for your article...

  2. With 61 Followers, 83 Followings and 104 Total Updates
    i just got $19.61/mnth....

    Hehehehe... kecil amat ya?

  3. @ Idot. Yes, because the followers are low. Gede ato kecil ga ngefek kok. Ini aja Twitter saya nggak laku - laku, he he.

  4. So how do you make money from Twitter? it would be nice to find out how much you're worth!! Cool tool!

  5. @ Jennifer. I'm new to this. I have not make money from it yet, but I really do need advertisers to advertise on my Twitter :). Thanks for your feedback.


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