Apr 16, 2009

PayPal For Secure Online Payment

PayPal PayPal is a convenient way to pay and get paid online. This service allows you to send money via credit cards or bank accounts without sharing financial information. They offer products to both individuals and businesses purposes including online vendors, auction sites and corporate users.

PayPal users can receive/send donations from/to other PayPal users. To accept donations, put a Donate button on your blog. Creating the button is easy. They provide the HTML code, which you simply copy and paste to your blog. Donors can then click the button to make donations.

I think Paypal is a secure because I can perform online transactions without showing credit card or bank account number.


  1. Yes, it is good but will be excellent if I get few donations.

  2. @ Hobo. Same as you Hobo. It would be great if someone makes donations here :)

  3. huaaa...skrg byk email phishing lagi ngaku2 dari paypal, bahaya :(

  4. @ Diary. Yang penting: 'Waspadalah - waspadalah'! He he :)

    @ Devi. Yes, I agree with you :)


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