Apr 14, 2009

Outbrain Recommendations And Ratings Widget

OutbrainOutbrain widget is a ratings and recommendations tool that blends with design of your blog. This widget includes interactive 5-star rater and personalized recommended links from your blog and other blog.

Outbrain is a basis for ratings and recommendations of blog, news and RSS content. Bloggers and publishers can use Outbrain widget for free. This widget can be installed easily. They support most blogging platforms: Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, MoveableType.
You can see the sample widget here.


  1. Hi Dede.. i've got this out brain on my blog and i don't like the links that come with it.. you may have already noticed it below my posts :-)

  2. Hi nisha,

    My name is Kate - I'm the account manager at outbrain. If you would like to turn the outbrain recommended links off you can easily do this by registering with outbrain and claiming your blog. This gives you access to settings and reports. Once you've registered, go to manage blogs >> settings >> recommedations, then choose either limited (shows only links from your own blog) or no recommendations (no links).
    Let me know if you have any questions kate[at]outbrain[dot]com.

  3. good to know this. Will try to figure out more on the outbrain.


  4. @ Nisha. Hi Nisha, like Kate said, you may claiming your blog first to get benefit from it so you can shows only link from your own blog.

    @ Kate. Thanks for the support!

    @ Warren. You can go to their site for more info :)

  5. Thanks Kate.. i didn't know there could be a solution.. i was always trying to do things to stop those links from appearing below the posts.. thanks a lot :-) shall check it out right away :-)

  6. nice info dede... outbrain.. baru denger tuh saya oom... kalo nggak dari blog ini saya dapet info, gak bakalan tahu apa2 deh saya...

  7. @ Nisha. Fixed :)

    @ Idot. Yah, syukur deh kalo posting di blog ini bisa bantu :)


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