Apr 10, 2009

Neno's Award 2009

Neno's Award 2009
Thanks again Nishas for this Neno's Award 2009. The objectives of this award:
- As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and encourage friendships through blogging.
- To explore the reasons why we love blogging!
Here are the rules for this award:
- Place the award logo in one post as soon as you receive it.
- Do not forget to mention who gives you the award.
- Answer the award's question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
- Tags and distribute this award to as many friends as you like.
- Do not forget to place their links in your post.
Then, "Why I love blogging?":
Blogging is very meaningful for me where I have learned a lot from senior bloggers and interact with many friends. This also lets me write anything I want and share them with other people.
Hm, simplest answer huh? And now, I would like to tag my friends below:
Lyla, Saturday Syndrome, Babette, Hobo, Babette (Lifetime Mom), Diary Pink, Shireishou, Lily Arbee, Idotkontji, and I Learn Online Marketing.
So, keep on blogging friends!


  1. Hi! I'm having difficulty with my PC. Luckily, I have a laptop as a backup. I like to thanks you again for another meaningful Award from a friend who always remember and include me as a friend. I will proceed with the necessary request tomorrow to pass it on to as many blogger friends and to prepare a write-up plus to forward to some friend the previous Award which I have not done yet! Hope you have a nice weekend. Cheers!

  2. Correction: some friends..
    I'm also sending you another warm smile to brighter up your day. Answer to your question, Well! as you can see, my blog looks alright now, I spent quite sometimes repairing and fixing it. Thanks to Great God, I managed to fix it.

    Bye for the time being, take care ...

  3. I blog because I want to serve society. But without donations/sponsors it seems difficult.
    Wish me Goodluck !

  4. eh? Just copy and paste it on my blog? I never do tag before

  5. @ Lily. I always remember and include you as a friend on bloggosphere Lil. Have a best time doing your 'home works' Lil. I hope you will fixing your blog soon :)

    @ Hobo. That's a great answer :)

    @ Saturday. Wow, thanks a lot :)

  6. nyuwun sewu dedeandro... saya akan mengerjakan secepatnya... kemaren nggak bisa comment, tahu tuh kompi temen eross banget...

    sekali lagi thx ya dede...

  7. am I join ? this is unique Blog I think...simple content but I like it....pls add me as your friend...$$end $$mile to you...

  8. I like the way your new blog theme looks, but your blog loads like 50x slower than your old theme, it is painfully slow loading your homepage now.

  9. @ Idot. Nyuwun sewu = minta seribu, nuwun sewu = permisi.. ha ha. Iya, sante aja and sesempetnya aja! :)

    @ Lidia. You may grab this award if you wish :)

    @ Dragon. I don't know what to do. I have removed 25% of my old widgets. Any suggestions? Please :(

  10. maap nih baru sempat saya ambil, makasih ya....tunggu launchingnya :)

  11. @ Diary, Lyla. Makasih, makasih dan ditunggu launching-nya.. Halah, kaya produk aja.. he he!

  12. oom dede.. untuk award ini sudah saya kerjakan.. maaf ya telat... silahkan di-review... kekekekeke...

  13. @ Idot. He he, makasih - makasih. Telat ga pa - pa asal selamat. Yup, langsung menuju ke TKP Om :)


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