Apr 9, 2009

Friends Award 2009

Friends Award 2009This Friends Award 2009 was given to me by Nishas. Thank you very much Nishas.

This award aims to explore and to become a friend. Please give your attention to these 8 bloggers because I will deliver this award to them. They are:
Lily Arbee, Pizza Man, Adi, BOGCESS, Idotkontji, Joo Izzy, Hectic Capiznon Blogger, and Shinade.
Thank you and I hope you would accept this award :)


  1. Himmm... it would be d' 4th award for me and my lovely blog...

    thx dedeandro... u are still the most gorgeous and awesome friend of me... heuheuheu...

  2. Hi! Thanks again, I realized you never forget me even though I'm not prompt to visit you sometimes (when I am held up with something). You are indeed my true blogger friend and so no matter what, I will always come back to visit you. This is the 3rd Award from you and I feel appreciated. I like it and will also pass on to some of my dear blogger friends.

    Good Luck with your blog and I hope you will go furher than what you've achieved. Hope you have a nice day. Cheers!

  3. Dateng ngambil awardnya.... hehehe..
    makasi ya...
    angkringan jarang buka sekarang....fyuhhh.....
    bingung mo nongkrong kemana..

  4. @ Idot. You're also awesome friend Idot. Thank you so much for your support!

    @ Ali. Thanks!

    @ Lily. Yes dear, I'll never forget. Because you're my friend. I do hope you're enjoying passed awards from me. I do hope :)

    @ Joo. Wah, tengkyu tengkyu udah mo ambil award :). Sidik mah jarang buka Joo. Tadi malem mo kesana, eh.. ga buka lagi.. Ha ha, nongkrong di sini aja Joo :))

  5. all the best for dedeandro and all blogger here...

    dedeandro.. u deserve "kehujanan award"... kekekeke...

  6. @ Idot. Kehujanan Award? Hm, mending kehujanan duit di rekening bank aja deh.. Bisa buat lanjutin idup.. Hi hi.. :ngarepmodeon:


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