Apr 29, 2009

BloggersChoiceAwards Best Blogs Competition

My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!
BloggersChoiceAwards allows you to nominate your favorite blogs in unique categories. You can vote and comment on other blogs that have been nominated. Other people can also vote and comment on the blogs you have nominated. Votes and winners results will be posted on BloggersChoiceAwards.

You can nominate and vote as many as you want, as long as you comply with their rules.

Click on the "Comments" tab to leave a comment there. If you think my blog is good enough, click on the "Vote" button to cast your vote.
- User profile : DedeAndro
- Blog profile : http://dedeandro.blogspot.com
You may vote for my blog and leave a comment below to get your vote back.


  1. Awards are Rewards to boost to perform well in future.

  2. i've voted for u... moga2 menang deh oom... semoga banyak ya yang nge-vote...

    Ayo ayo.. bapak2... ibu2... sok atuh voting buat kang dede yah... sing seueurrr....

  3. @ Hobo. Thanks for your support.

    @ Idot. Thanks for voting me. I'll vote you back. Hiyaa.. bapak, ibu, kakak & ade.. ayo semua vote DedeAndro. Abis vote DedeAndro jangan lupa vote IdotKontji.. hue he he

  4. weleh weleh mantep semoga menang ya....

  5. @ Devianty. He he, doain aja yah, ha ha.. :ngarepmodeon: :)


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