Apr 18, 2009

BidVertiser For Pay Per Click Advertising

BidVertiser offers blog owners to sell ad space automatically to the highest bidder (price per click basis), in which the price is mostly influenced by the quality and popularity of a blog. Advertisers can place ads directly on blogs of their choice and pay only when a visitor click through their blog. BidVertiser serves text ads in all types of standard ad units, including banners, buttons, skyscrapers and inline ads.

BidVertiser manually review each ad and blog to ensure publishers to get the highest ads and the best conversion rates for advertisers.
- Click here to monetize your blog with BidVertiser,
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  1. Wow. Found this really helpful. Thank you for posting this information.

  2. BidVertiser ads. are ok along with adsense ads.?

  3. @ Ali. Thanks.

    @ UPrinting. Yup, you are welcome.

    @ Hobo. As you see, I'm not using Adsense anymore :).

  4. saya udah ikutan dari kapan tahu tapi earningnya gak lebih dari $4, maklum deh blognya udah nggak keurus pula.. thx ya dede... semoga pada dapet earning banyak deh ya....

  5. I just go a new them with 125x125 slots, is bidAdvertises good for new blogs?

  6. wah...aku daftar tp bingung mau ngapain selanjutnya hehe

  7. @ Idot. Wah bisa berguru ma om Idot yang udah pengalaman nih.

    @ Threio. Like I said before, the price is mostly influenced by the quality and popularity of a blog. But it wouldn't hurt you if you try :)

    @ Lyla. Itung - itung gantiin AdSense mbak :)

  8. how triks to increase earning in bidvertiser?

  9. @ Dapat. I have no idea about that. I am in the process of learning.


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