Apr 22, 2009

Adgitize PagePeelAds To Earn Additional Points

Adgitize your web site.
PagePeelAds is a new feature of Adgitize that allows you to generate additional points. By placing an Adgitize page peel ad on your blog, you can increase your page view points and ad views points. This page peel ads allow you to place 2 regular Adgitize ad groups on your blog and 1 page peel ad.

As an Adgitize publisher, you will receive page view credits and ad view credits for showing page peel ads. You will also receive credits for clicking on page peel ads.

You can put the code anywhere on your blog and it will produce the same results. This page peel ad will always appear at the top right corner.

This is a good way to increase page views and ad views points. You can see a sample page peel ad in the upper right corner of this blog.


  1. that's great! thanks for the tip.

  2. udah pasang adgitize lumayan ngumpulin recehan hehe... abis saya jengkel sama RM acc di suspend gara2 salah link mulu, padahal ya udah bener nulis linknya, BV aja di app kok RM katanya salah sebel dah...

  3. Salam kenal. I have linked yours to my E.Q. Says.

  4. still I`m not using it cause I see adgitize pay too cheap

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  6. @ Lyla. Recehan kalo banyak lama - lama jadi bukit loh. Wah saya belom pernah daftar RM. BV aja baru - baru ini daftar buat gantiin AdSense.

    @ Eki. Salam kenal jua. Thanks for the link :)

    @ Blogger. Yeah, you are right. Use Adgitize as an additional online earning if you have other profit "make money online programs".

    @ Make. Thanks for your info!

  7. I've adblocked the page peel ads... Personally, I think they're obnoxious and intrusive. A 125x125 icon I can ignore if I choose. Page peels jump out at you if you accidentally hover near them. Page Peel Ads just reek of the stink of pop-ups.

  8. @ Joy. What I am saying here just to share a new feature of Adgitize. Yeah I know, because it consist of flash and image to produce special effect. Sometimes, it may conflict with other flash widget.


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