Mar 8, 2009

TwitterMosaic To See Your Followers As Mosaic

TwitterMosaicTwitterMosaic is online service that lets you see your friends (people I follow) and followers (people who follow me) on Twitter as a mosaic. You can add the mosaic to your blog.

I read about TwitterMosaic in a couple of blogs and I think it would be good if I try it. Here is mine:

More ways to connect each other on Twitter.


  1. One of your Twitter followers has an interesting card. She forgot to wear her underpants. LOL Do you use Twitter a lot? I haven't joined Twitter since I don't feel like sharing what I'm doing every minute. LOL

  2. Sounds like fun. Going over there now. Thanks for the info.

  3. hi guys, nice blog..!!!
    and nice to meet you..!!!

  4. @ Babette. LOL, sharp eyes Babette.. ha ha. Yes, I use Twitter to promote my blog contents :).

    @ Adam, Black. Sure Adam and nice to meet you too Black :)

  5. wew.. so cuteeee... cute? Girly banget sih saya... kekekekeke....

  6. @ Idot. Jadi Twitter follower saya kah?


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