Mar 20, 2009

SearchlesDiscovery To Discover Related Content

SearchlesDiscovery is a widget that you can embed on your blog. It helps the readers of your blog to discover related posts from your blog based on the topics. When someone is reading an article on your blog, this widget automatically shows the related content. You can see this sample widget below each of my blog post.

They determine each relevant post by exploring and analyzing your blog archive in order to take comprehensive set.

This widget can be configured to match the size and color of your blog. You can also track the performance of this widget in their statistics page.

It's free and they only need your email address to register. For more info, you can visit SearchlesDiscovery site.


  1. looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I would be interested to hear your views on it. all the best, sarge

  2. DedeAndro, thanks for the nice writeup on our related content widget! Good work on customizing the widget to your site. And also appreciate your feedback this morning re: bloggers being able to use their Searchles Discovery account for multiple blogs. Will be back to you on that shortly!


  3. @ Searchmunger. You are welcome :)

    @ KMc. Hi Kim, thanks for your feedback. You guys have a great work there. Surely, I'll wait for the next features of SearchlesDiscovery!

  4. nice info dede... usefull like ussual...

  5. Hi DedeAndro, I finished the tag.
    Thanks. :o)

  6. @ Idot, Bunda. Glad to hear that you like my post :)

    @ Babette. Wow, thanks Babette! Awesome :)

  7. I love your blog, you offer great information! I installed this and I have a question. Are the links on related content after each post clickable? Are they supposed to take you to the post or is it just to show you other content available only? I have clicked on them but it doesn't take me anywhere.

  8. @ Isolated. Yes, the links are related to the contents of your blog. When you click on it, it will take you to the post you requested. After clicking on the widget, please wait until the page loads.

  9. Thanks for answering. I have tested mine and for some reason it doesn't take me to the post I click on. It just stays in the same page and it won't allow me to click on the post link unless I refresh. I'm assuming I installed it wrong?

  10. @ Isolated. Recently, they have changed the code. I have same problem before, until I grab the new one. I think you should install the new code or just contact them for further support. They would be glad to help you.


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