Mar 31, 2009

LinkWithin To Show Related Stories Thumbnails


LinkWithin is a widget that links to related stories from blog archive under each story on your blog and give your blog readers a more comprehensive experience.

They retrieve and index stories from your blog archive and making them accessible to readers of your blog.

This widget links to specific stories that are relevant and interesting for readers, allowing them engaged with your blog, and increasing your page views / traffic.

The widget style is minimal and blends in with the design of your blog. It is easy to install this widget on your blog

This widget is free and only need your email to get this widget. I think this widget is great for blogs that use a lot of images.


  1. That is interesting. Will check.
    Is it possible to write a post how to increase revenue if writing a blog.

  2. I grabbed this and I love it. Thank you!!:-)

  3. @ HiE. Thanks bro :)

    @ Hobo. Sorry Hobo, I don't have an idea about that :)

    @ Idot. Biasanya 3rd party widget bikin berat. Pinter - pinter milih fungsi-nya aja :)

    @ Shinade. Glad you love it :)


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