Mar 5, 2009

First CMFAds Advertisers

Today I want to thank to my first 5 advertisers on my blog through CMFAds. You know, it really helps to boost our confidence. And the first 5 advertisers are:

Thank you for placing your ads on my blog. I appreciate that.

If the readers here are interested in advertising on my blog, you can click here.


  1. I hope it'll more n' more advertiser on Dedeandro's Blog..

    I think they've been coming to the rite' place..

    Success for all of u....

  2. @ Idot. Thanks Idot for your support and feedback. It really help my blog to grow. Appreciated :)

  3. Thank you very much for this. Also thank you for hosting my add! This is a great idea. I just might do it myself.

    Happy weekend!!


  4. CMF ads. Whats that ?
    Congratulations ! I wish 5 more for you.

  5. @ Shinade. I'm glad you leave a feedback in this post. Once again, I want to thank you for placing your ad on my blog. If I have enough credits, I will advertise on your blog via CMFAds. Happy weekend!

    @ Hobo. If you wanna know what CMFAds is, you can read my post about CMFAds. Thanks for the support Hobo.


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