Mar 10, 2009

AddToAny To Add Contents To Any Service

AddToAny is a service that allows visitors to submit your blog content (URL) to social bookmarking sites and feed readers.

Publishers can enable blog visitors to add your content to their favorite bookmarking sites. With AddToAny service, allowing you to select whether you'd like this to be a bookmark or feed option. If you'd like to use a button or a link, select the bookmark name, enter the URL, and add it to your blog.

In addition, there is a search bar for users to type in the bookmarking tool or feed reader they are looking for.

In order to benefit from this service, you should go to AddToAny website.


  1. usefull info dedeandro.. so many service like this.. have to find the best one...

  2. I use the Tell-A-Friend share link. What do you think of that one Dede?

  3. @ Idot, Film. Yup, you have to find the best one. On the next post I'll review TellAFriend :D

  4. Cool! I love both of the AddToAny options and the easy customizations.

    The TellAFriend one is very slow and I do not like it asking for user passwords. I liked ShareThis before (also asks for some passwords) but it has become boring (when it is not down!). This AddToAny is rocking, thanks!


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