Feb 8, 2009

Yahoo SiteExplorer To Explore Your Blog

Yahoo SiteExplorer is a tool that can be used to access information about the existence of your blog. You can view the blog and sub pages are indexed by Yahoo, track sites that link to your blog page, and view the most popular pages of your blog. SiteExplorer is used for:
* Find blogs and sub pages are indexed by Yahoo!
* Find a page that links to your blog (in links).
* See the most popular pages of your blog.
* Submit and track feeds for your blog.
You can obtain more detailed information and the ability to manage or blog URL when you authenticate blog. You can:
* View other information about your blog.
* Remove the URL you do not want indexed by Yahoo.


  1. I've not yet heard of this. I'll definitely check it out. There's so many different analytics out there- and all seem to come up with different results. I'd love to see a post on which one's are actually accurate!

  2. This is a great resource; nice one!

  3. susah yahoo! mah... ampunn dah.. pelit banget...

  4. @ Sandy. Thanks!

    @ Greener. It never hurt to try something new. Yahoo SiteExplorer is new to me.

    @ Matt. Hi Matt, hope you like it.

    @ Idot. Ga ada salahnya kok kalo dicoba. Gratis! :)


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