Feb 13, 2009

PostRank To Rank Your Blog Post

PostRank is a system developed by AideRSS to rank any type of online content, such as RSS feed items, blog posts, articles or news. PostRank based on social involvement, which refers to how interesting or relevant of the item or category. These include, writing blog posts in response to others, bookmarking articles, leaving comments on the blog, or clicking on the link to read a news item.

PostRank analyze the type and frequency of audience's interaction with online content. Item's PostRank score represent how interesting and relevant of the item. The more interesting or relevant items, the more they will to share or respond to the item. So the interaction will be more weighted.


  1. aduh mas,, english gak mudheng saya...
    sundanese please.. hehe..

    ini kita harus daftar dulu ya bos?

    thanks info nya.. konfirmasi jawaban nya ya bos..

    belajar dan berbagi

  2. PostRank = Google PageRank ?

  3. @ AaLil. He he, saya malah ga bisa bahasa Sunda :p. PostRank ga harus daftar, tapi kalo mo liat statistik musti daftar dulu.

    @ Hobo. No. PostRank is not the same as PageRank. PostRank is a like Top Post analyzer for your blog posts. They also have a widget to show your top blog posts. Go here: http://www.postrank.com/publishers/customize?url=http://dedeandro.blogspot.com/ to see the sample widget.

  4. Hehehe... kok jadi melayu...? ikutan deh... dedeandro tahu aja yang kayak begindang.. keren euy... coba saya menuju ke TKP dulu.. thx ya dedeandro... :D

  5. @ Idot. Ha ha, abis saya nggak bisa bahasa Sunda sih. Yup, yup. Silahken menuju TKP :P.


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