Feb 7, 2009

Google Maps For Exploring Places

Google Maps is a free web mapping service provided by Google. It offers street maps and a route for traveling on numerous countries around the world.

Google Maps includes photos, videos, and user-created maps along with location searches.

A related product is Google Earth, a stand-alone program for Microsoft Windows which offers more globe-viewing features.


  1. i follow u.. u can follow me back? yes or no.. nice :)

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  3. I love google maps, but it was totally creepy to see my own front door, and car. One day while we were innocently watching the tube or something a random person with a camera was taking pics of the neighborhood in broad daylight!

  4. As I zoom out your google map I notice that our country is just almost near your country, Im from Philippines. Very enjoying post.

  5. My husband Craig, used Google Earth to figure out some of the streets in downtown Chicago, U.S.A.
    And it really helped -
    He was prepared for a really weird U-turn, that we would have totally missed, had he not known about it.
    Save us a ton of time in trying t get to Union Station, to pick up our son.

  6. This is a public service announcement!

    If you owe people money your creditors use this tool all the time. Technology makes the world smaller for everyone.

  7. hehe... yes.. sometimes i think it's fun seeing our house from sky.... hehehe...

  8. @ Entri. Yes, if you follow me, I'll follow you back.

    @ Makoy. Thanks for your info.

    @ Cmwheeler.I wish I could see my house closer :(

    @ Win. Yeah, you are in Philippines & I'm in Indonesia.

    @ Dawn. Google Earth is really good. It has more globe viewing features.

    @ Rick. Yes Rick, I agree with you.

    @ Idot. Ha ha. Now, where's your house? I wanna see it from Google Maps.. LOL :)

  9. google map is really amazing ... got shocked when i saw it few months back for the first time ... the features are simply rocking ones...

  10. @ Trucks. If you wanna more features, try Google Earth. It's cool!

  11. can i go to your house? hehe ;P

  12. @ Qzhien. Yes, absolutely dear :*

    @ Kampanye. Thanks again my friend :)


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