Feb 16, 2009

Google Friend Connect Social Bar

Social Bar

Google introduces new features of the Google Friend Connect. It's called Google Friend Connect Social Bar. This Social Bar provides visitors an easy way to join your blog and connect with fellow members. Visitors can view blog activities, post a comment or view other member blogs in one gadget.

You do not even need to re-edit your template. What you need to do is customize their gadget (where the gadget will appears in the top / bottom of your blog). Then they will generate the HTML code to be included in your blog.

Now, you can see this gadget at the top of my blog.

PS: Unfortunately, I can not change the color of this Social Bar to match my blog colors. If the readers here know how to adjust the color of this Social Bar, please leave a comment below. Thank you.


  1. mau join ahhh... di GFC boleh ya...

  2. At this stage, Google Friend Connect and its Social Bar are not something of great value to any blog. The features they provide are basically nothing special.

    But if we try to take a look in the future, probably we might see that Google is heading towards something with this Google Friend Connect stuff. And I’d like to be prepared and to have a large membership base in 12 months, just in case Google Friend Connect starts giving more value. So, yes, this is why I explore and test Social Bar today.

    But if they do the same thing with GFC like they did with Lively or Orkut, I will reconsider my practice, too.

  3. thk for the info.. yes it will be nice if we could change the color... thx dedeandro...

  4. @ Lyla. Boleh mbak :D

    @ Olivia. I think Google has a plan with their GFC that we do not know. Let's wait and see.

    @ Idot. Thanks Idot.

  5. Hi!
    Thank you for sharing this. Will try them later.
    See you around.

  6. @ Lunaticg. Hey, thanks. You can try, join / follow my blog if you wish :)


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