Feb 27, 2009

CMFAds For Low-Cost Advertising

CMFAdsCMFAds is an advertising network that aims to provide low-cost advertising.

You can set your own ad price for each of your blogs (at least one credit or $0.25 for 30 days).

They also provide statistics about unique views and clicks for all ads.

As a publisher, you can get 100% of the credits for ads placed on your blog. Credits can be used to advertise or sold back to them at 50% of the purchase price.

You can have multiple blogs that you can manage them without having to switch between the blogs. The balance is shared across all of your blogs.

I am new to CMFAds. What confuses me is how to contact them to get help. I am not familiar with forum, so I hope they would provide a way to contact them more easily. Those who are familiar with forum should not be a problem.

If you are interesting in buying an ad space on my blog sidebar through CMFAds, you can click on the image above or you can click here to see the details of my blog. I hope you would like to advertise on my blog at low cost.

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  1. I never heard b4... but with this low price.. i think it'll be lots advertiser that want to put they ads on ur blog... hopefully...

    Dedeandro.. if u're not familiar with Forum.. come and get closer to our local forum http://forum.cibinong.net.. i'll teach u... hehehe... :p

  2. @ Idot. That was great invitation. Thank you so much Idot!

  3. I do not know whether private advts. are allowed on ones own blog or not.
    Is it allowed ?

  4. @ Hobo. What kind of private ads you are talking about?

  5. I am saying whether other than adsense ads. are allowed on a website/blog ?

  6. @ Hobo. I think it shouldn't be a problem.


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