Feb 27, 2009

CMFAds For Low-Cost Advertising

CMFAdsCMFAds is an advertising network that aims to provide low-cost advertising.

You can set your own ad price for each of your blogs (at least one credit or $0.25 for 30 days).

They also provide statistics about unique views and clicks for all ads.

As a publisher, you can get 100% of the credits for ads placed on your blog. Credits can be used to advertise or sold back to them at 50% of the purchase price.

You can have multiple blogs that you can manage them without having to switch between the blogs. The balance is shared across all of your blogs.

I am new to CMFAds. What confuses me is how to contact them to get help. I am not familiar with forum, so I hope they would provide a way to contact them more easily. Those who are familiar with forum should not be a problem.

If you are interesting in buying an ad space on my blog sidebar through CMFAds, you can click on the image above or you can click here to see the details of my blog. I hope you would like to advertise on my blog at low cost.

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Feb 25, 2009

Blogger Issues February 23, 2009

Blogger Issues
Blogger users who already use Following and Friend Connect may notice a decrease in the number of public Followers on their blogs. This because Blogger is in the process of integrating with Google Friend Connect, which may temporarily affect the Following feature. They will post more details on BloggerBuzz.

Source: KnownIssues

Feb 24, 2009

TwitterRemote To Show Recent Twitter Visitors

TwitterRemote is a widget that you can embed on your blog. This widget shows recent Twitter users who visit your blog. Twitter users must sign in first. They will ask for your Twitter user name and password to sign in.

After you signed in, your profile will be displayed on TwitterRemote enabled sites when you visit them. By adding this widget on your blog, you can see who visits your blog and also give visitors opportunity to tweet your blog, reply or chat with other visitors. It's like BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog but for Twitter.

Want to try this widget and show your face here? Click on "Your name here!" link to sign in.

Feb 22, 2009

Email Subscriptions

Thank you for your request. Please enter your email address to start your free subcription:

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via FeedBlitz

You will receive a verification message once you submit this form.

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Feb 21, 2009

Lorem Ipsum

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Feb 18, 2009

Retaggr To Put Your Profiles In One Place

Retaggr is a site that lets you compile all your online activities into one interactive profile (a business card that acts as a widget).

With Retaggr, people can view your photos, twitter status, a link to your blog, and links to other social sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Flickr, YouTube, and more.

This works as an ideal tool for bloggers who want to know one another and to participate more often. This service makes it easy for other people to know and connect you.

If you'd like a small badge to shows your card when clicked, try this button:

Use a Retaggr Widget to display your profile information. Include your profile picture, previous tweets, affiliations and web profiles:

To get an easy way for people to connect with you, place Add Me Button on your blog, and visitors will have a way to connect with you on any of your social networks:

Add Me

It takes your visitors to your web profile, which shows all the places you hang out online.

You also can use Retaggr for your Email Signature:

I am always looking for new ways to increase the visibility and I think Retaggr should be considered. How about you? Have you already use it? Tell me about it.

Feb 16, 2009

Google Friend Connect Social Bar

Social Bar

Google introduces new features of the Google Friend Connect. It's called Google Friend Connect Social Bar. This Social Bar provides visitors an easy way to join your blog and connect with fellow members. Visitors can view blog activities, post a comment or view other member blogs in one gadget.

You do not even need to re-edit your template. What you need to do is customize their gadget (where the gadget will appears in the top / bottom of your blog). Then they will generate the HTML code to be included in your blog.

Now, you can see this gadget at the top of my blog.

PS: Unfortunately, I can not change the color of this Social Bar to match my blog colors. If the readers here know how to adjust the color of this Social Bar, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

Feb 15, 2009

ShareThis To Share Content On The Web

ShareThisShareThis is a free sharing tool. It provides a widget for easily sharing content found online with others through social networks, social news sites, and other online services.

You can share anything on the web to social bookmarking of your choice. You can also email content to friends with their widget.

Feb 14, 2009

Valentine 2009 Greetings

Select » Copy » Paste
Here is how to use it: Select the code, Copy, then Paste it where you want it to appear. It can be used on any website or blog that allows HTML.

Image: Bartelme

Feb 13, 2009

PostRank To Rank Your Blog Post

PostRank is a system developed by AideRSS to rank any type of online content, such as RSS feed items, blog posts, articles or news. PostRank based on social involvement, which refers to how interesting or relevant of the item or category. These include, writing blog posts in response to others, bookmarking articles, leaving comments on the blog, or clicking on the link to read a news item.

PostRank analyze the type and frequency of audience's interaction with online content. Item's PostRank score represent how interesting and relevant of the item. The more interesting or relevant items, the more they will to share or respond to the item. So the interaction will be more weighted.

Feb 9, 2009

Lijit To Create Your Own Search Engine

Lijit provides services that allow bloggers (publishers) to create their own search engine. This search engine is based on the content and social graph across multiple social network services. Filtering results from Lijit is based on proximity to the blogger in the social graph. Results that closer to the blogger are returned first. Users can interact with these search engines through the Lijit Search widget embedded on the blogger's blog, or directly on the Lijit website.

Advertise on DedeAndro™ Lijit Search, click here.

Feb 8, 2009

Yahoo SiteExplorer To Explore Your Blog

Yahoo SiteExplorer is a tool that can be used to access information about the existence of your blog. You can view the blog and sub pages are indexed by Yahoo, track sites that link to your blog page, and view the most popular pages of your blog. SiteExplorer is used for:
* Find blogs and sub pages are indexed by Yahoo!
* Find a page that links to your blog (in links).
* See the most popular pages of your blog.
* Submit and track feeds for your blog.
You can obtain more detailed information and the ability to manage or blog URL when you authenticate blog. You can:
* View other information about your blog.
* Remove the URL you do not want indexed by Yahoo.

Feb 7, 2009

Google Maps For Exploring Places

Google Maps is a free web mapping service provided by Google. It offers street maps and a route for traveling on numerous countries around the world.

Google Maps includes photos, videos, and user-created maps along with location searches.

A related product is Google Earth, a stand-alone program for Microsoft Windows which offers more globe-viewing features.

Feb 5, 2009

Top Commenters January 2009

Top CommentersThis month, I would like to give a reward to my Top Commenters. Thanks to all of you who posted additional information, tips, suggestions and questions through the comments section.

My blog is nothing without your comments. Now, I am rewarding my top ten commenters with a DoFollow link:
Bryan Karl
PCLicious Video Tutorials
Thank you so much for supporting my blog. I will wait for your next feedback.

Image: Treefort

Feb 4, 2009

Wordless Of The Day

Medioz®Today, I will not make any post. This is not because I do not want to. But I'm busy creating a new blog. The goal of this new blog is to provide other ways to get free back link. Just wait and see until the new blog is launched to the public. Enough for today, see you again tomorrow.

Feb 2, 2009

My Entrecard Statistics January 2009

DedeAndro™ drops on others
This chart shows the number of cards that DedeAndro™ dropped on other peoples blogs.
Card drops on DedeAndro™
This chart shows the number of cards that were dropped on DedeAndro™ each day.
AddYours® drops on others
This chart shows the number of cards that AddYours® dropped on other peoples blogs.
Card drops on AddYours®
This chart shows the number of cards that were dropped on AddYours® each day.
So, what do you think? I hope your Entrecard stats is better than mine. If you have any ideas, opinions, tips / tricks on how you drop your card, please share with us here.

Feb 1, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers January 2009

This lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on DedeAndro™ the most in the last 30 days:
Kitchen Retro
What do strange retro ads, bizarre old recipes, and all manner of retro stuff have in common? They are weird and funny, that's what - come and have a laugh or two at them! 31

60 Were Enough
60 Were Enough bolog about Music, Artists, Mp3 and 60 Were Enough News. 31

Moshi & Kibo's Dog Blog
Moshi and Kibo are 2 English Toy Spaniels that share their travels, great finds and general thoughts on life with the dogosphere and the rest of the world. 31

Dallas Marketing Services
Dallas Marketing Services provides free marketing ideas, tips, and resources to assist businesses with optimizing their online and offline marketing efforts. 31

Septagon Studios Inc News Blog
Septagon Studios Inc. is a publishing company founded in early 2003 by company President and C.E.O Nicola Defina with his two cousins, Philip Defina (Vice President and Art Director) and Domenic Defina (Consultant and Art Direction). 31

The Way I See It
My thoughts, opinions and personal observations on a wide variety of subjects, sometimes mixed with humor and including travel, retirement, opinion, politics, child sponsorship with Children International and life experiences. News and views from my perspective. 31

Cheapest Airfare
Find the cheapest airfare - discounts, airline coupon codes, cheap flights, last minute flight specials, upgrades, etc. 31

The Ad Master
Tons of Tips and Tricks to help you advertise online. From lists of free traffic resources to advice on keyword placement and linkbuilding. 31

Back to School for Grownups
Are you a mature or returning student? Would you like to be? If you are thinking about going back to school - or if you've already made the leap - this blog is for you. 31

Marriage and Beyond
on marriage, everything in between and thereafter. 31

Thank you very much!