Jan 10, 2009

XavierMedia Exchange To Drive More Visitiors

If you need more visitors to your blog, then you can try to join the XavierMedia Exchange. You will get 3000 banner impressions just for joining.

Their standard ratio is 3:2 which means that for every three visitors clicking ads on your blog, you get two visitors to your blog. They use a sliding ratio, which means the higher click rate you have on your blog, they will give you better exchange rate next month.

For each new user you refer to them, you get 10% of all the credit they get. Credit added in real time and you can see how much you have earned on the statistics page. You can get another free 5000 impressions, just for writing a review about them.

I think you should give them a try to drive more visitors to your blog.


  1. I tried to join there but it's kind of confusing.I mean the system confuses me. So I did not go further and just ignore it.

  2. @ Tripzibit, Bingkee. After joining, you have to upload your ad. Click on the 125x125 ad wizard. Then put their code on your blog. After a day or two, they will approve it. Contact them for further information.

  3. @Tripzibit. Thanks for dropping in.

    @Bingkee. Contact them for further support.


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