Jan 28, 2009

WebsiteGrader To Grade Your Website

WebsiteGrader is a free SEO service provided by HubSpot. It provides an automated evaluation scores of your website such as website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. Criteria tracked by WebsiteGrader are:
Google PageRank, Google Indexed Pages, Google Crawl Last Date, Traffic Rank, Inbound Links, Digg and Delicious Bookmarks Submission.
It also provides some basic advice about how website can be improved from the perspective of marketing.

Click here to view sample report for dedeandro.blogspot.com


  1. Free? OMG.. i have to try this... thx Dedeandro...

  2. I'm also use their service to measure my blog performance.. what is the score for your blog? is their rating is reliable?

  3. @ Idot, Sandy. You won't be sorry use it. Otherwise their services are all free!

    @ Newbies. You can see score of my blog by clicking the image on this post. That link is referred to my blog stats and score.


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