Jan 19, 2009

Twitterfeed To Tweet Your Blog Feed

There is a cool utility for Twitter user, it’s called Twitterfeed. It can tweet your blog feed into your Twitter account, so you can see your last blog post in your Twitter.

To get your blog into a Twitterfeed, first you have to create Twitter account (or use an existing account). Twitterfeed needs to know your Twitter username and password so it can post your blog updates to your Twitter account.

You will also need an OpenID account to log in to Twitterfeed. OpenID is a standard for providing single sign on between web sites. You can register your own OpenID for free, or may even be able to use an existing blog ID.

Provide them with the URL for your blog's RSS feed, and how often they should post to Twitter. Their server will check your blog's feed at the specified interval and post any new items to your Twitter account. Both RSS and Atom feeds are supported.

I think this is a great way to promote your blog and your blog post, and get benefit to drive more traffic to your blog.

Just sit back and relax, lets Twitterfeed tweet your blog feed.


  1. This is nice. I better try this one.

    Anyways, how are you dude?

  2. @ A2i3s, Bryan. Yup, it's automatic. You should be better considering it. I'm fine Bryan. Is that your new blog? Cool! :)

  3. Hi!
    Thanks for this friend. Been looking for this for a month now.
    See you around.

  4. @ Lunaticg. Aha, I hope you found this useful and for others as well.

  5. Hi! I tried this site, but it isn't working for me. The pages to log-in cannot be opened.

  6. @ Ceemee. It works for me. Just keep on trying, or maybe they've technical difficulties at that time.


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