Jan 31, 2009

Twitter Movement

Many people use Twitter. It means that global information can be accessed via Twitter easily.

I am new to Twitter so I want to increase my followers. It is like “U Follow I Follow” movement on Twitter.

Here is how it will work. Post a comment below. On the “comment as” section, select “Name/URL” profile. Then put your name and your Twitter URL. Periodically, I check my followers and I will follow you back as soon as I can.

Make sure to follow everyone’s Twitter by clicking “Follow” button on their profile and we will instantly be connected each other via Twitter.

Here is my Twitter:
Lets follow each other on Twitter.


  1. Hi friend,
    its interesting...ok please follow my blog!!!
    name: zephyr girl
    url: cycadelia.blogspot.com
    visit my blog. let me too do the same

  2. This is a fantastic news! Now I can follow blogs which I like... It sure makes my life delightful... By the way, you posted this news one week in advance!!! :)

  3. Sudah saya follow, mohon di follow balik agar bisa tukar informasi lebih lanjut ...

    my twitt: @dedensmda

  4. Hello! I am following youu! I lvoe twitter! x

  5. Just added you up on twitter. I see you have a good audience there. See you around.

  6. I came to your blog for Entrecard drops.
    Nice blog!

    Holla at ya boy if you would like a free review on www.getzooted.com/blog

  7. @ Ubmmcc, Deden, Dhyarga, Emmie, Gem. Done! Following you all.

    @ Guru. Sharp eye :). Yes, because I want to make Sticky Post but Blogger doesn't provide option about it. So I changed the date. It remains on the top of my page until January 31, 2009.

    @ Brian. Thanks for coming.

  8. Hi.
    I still haven´t joined the crowd on this one. Don´t know how it works either. I had to spend a bit to learn. Maybe that´s why I´ve been avoiding it.
    Anyway, I read posts that pass a good image of Twitter, in traffic.
    Good Weekend!

  9. @DedeAndro
    Sticky post? Nice trick. Another option is to put a text/html widget on top of all the blog posts.

    Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for following me.

    Great to see you all around Entrecard. It never hurts to try and see if that works out on your blog. I like Twitter because I get updated news.

  10. Nice gadget .. I will sign up . Thanks for info

  11. @ Gem. Hey, that was a great idea. I love suggestions to improve my blog. Thanks for your suggestion and responding to the reader comments here. Just love it.

    @ Vicky. After you sign up, don't forget to follow me and others. Cheers :)

  12. Twitter - May be join.
    But yes I like your blog because posts are short and informative.
    Claps !!!

  13. Hi DedeAndro.
    All around Entrecard...lol. I´ve been active since July 08 and I like it a lot, already made some friends with fellow bloggers.
    Yeap, you´re right, trying wouldn´t hurt me. Just don´t know what to tweet about :)
    Doing my EC Sunday round, Cheers!

  14. @ Hobo. Like Gem said "it never hurts to try".

    @ Aziz. I'll follow you back.

    @ Mizé. July 08? That was the month where this blog's created. Actually I was active in blogging on that month. Hey, what about tweeting your blog post? It's way to promote your blog and to get more readers via Twitter. You can read my post about "Twitterfeed", kinda cool tool.

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  17. Cheers this is a very god idea for Twitter.

  18. @ Zone. I'm following you Zone. Cheers!

    @ Rocky. Wanna join the crowd? :)

  19. by the way, there is a mistake with the date of your posts, you should check it out! maybe you leave in a special GMT!

  20. @ Geff. At this time, around 100 followers. Or you can look the updates of my followers at my TwitterCounter on the right footer of this blog. Ha ha, like I said before, I changed the date to make a Sticky Post.

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  22. I added you ...and many of your followers as well, since so many seem to be Entrecarders that I recognized. Great idea


  23. @ Aftershave. Ha ha, thanks for the info.

    @ Flit. Hi, I'll follow you as soon as I get there. See you there.

  24. hi,
    Ihave joined twitter & will follow you.

  25. Hi! I look forward to following you on twitter also. Came across your blog from an advert request on entrecard :)

  26. @ Wiggy. I'll follow you back as soon as I get there, thanks!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. @ Penchenk. Wew, comment-nya kok ilang ya?

  29. hello my friend add my blog thankx

  30. @ Welcome. You can add your blog by yourself here: http://dedeandro.blogspot.com/2008/10/magical-links.html


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