Jan 29, 2009

TweetRoll To Show Your Friend Avatar

TweetRoll is a widget for your blog that invites your readers to come and follow you on Twitter. It shows your followers and how many you are following. It also provides the avatar of people you are following.

To get your TweetRoll, just enter your Twitter username, then click "Go" button and they will provide the code that you can paste on your blog.

This TweetRoll is ideal for your blog sidebar.


  1. @ Dhyarga. Iya, sama2 mas Dhyarga. Saya juga udah liat widget-nya di blog mas. Moga berguna :D.

  2. i've been trying to found "last post-twitter widget" can u tell me how can i get one?

  3. @ Idot. Do you mean 'last blog post on Twitter' or 'last post Twitter updates'?

    For last blog post on Twitter, you can refer to my blog post about: "Twitterfeed" http://dedeandro.blogspot.com/2009/01/twitterfeed-to-tweet-your-blog-feed.html

    For last post Twitter updates, just go to their site, then go find their apps or you can visit this URL: http://twitter.com/downloads

    I hope this will help.

  4. ok.. thx dedeandro.. i will try to get one.... u are awesome....!!!


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