Jan 22, 2009

TinyURL To Shorten Long URL

Enter a long URL to make TinyURL:
TinyURL is a URL shortening service. It's useful when you want to publish a long blog or website URL on Twitter.

With TinyURL, you can make a smaller URL that will work for any page on your blog. If you have a blog with the homepage that is at:
Entering that URL into TinyURL will create a URL like:
http://tinyurl.com/dedeandro or http://tinyurl.com/7agfae
With this you can also redirect someone to anywhere within your blog.


  1. tinyurl is nice, it's ubiquitous... But I think that is.gd is better. And it's natively supported in TweetDeck, my current Twitter app of choice. Much shorter URLs than TinyURL. Compare this to your TinyURL address:


    Although having the custom URLs that TinyURL just released is pretty cool, I do like that feature.

  2. de,
    kalo kita gunakan si TinyURL ini, apakah nantinya akan mempengaruhi PR dan Alexa ranking kita?

  3. @ GAGAY. You are welcome Gagay.

    @ Lou. Hey, thanks for bring it up. Yeah, is.gd is shorter than tinyurl. Hmm, I should think about it. Thanks for sharing it!

    @ Budi. TinyURL ini biasanya dipake buat nyembunyiin link affiliate aja. Kalo dipake buat forwarding ke blog kita, malah TinyURL yang jadi referrer-nya. Link blog kita malah nggak keitung. Note: Link diatas cuma percobaan / contoh aja kok Bang :).


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