Jan 6, 2009

NoScript Firefox Extension

NoScript Firefox Extension provides extra protection for Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers. This free open source add-on only allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and plugins to be executed only by web sites you trust (such as your online bank) and provide protection in the browser.

NoScript prevent the exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and not known) without loss of function.

You can enable JavaScript, and Java plugin for sites that you trust with left clicking on the icon NoScript status bar or using the contextual menu for more convenience.

Your Firefox will be safe with NoScript

Click here or here to add to Firefox.


  1. Thats great sharing. Make people knowing better on what is noscript about.


  2. I'm using this firefox addon. It added security and faster browsing experience. Cool post ;)

  3. @ Anonymous, Vlad. Thanks! This add-on works great when you're dropping Entrecard. It help me much :).


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