Jan 13, 2009

Delicious To Discover The Best Web

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to mark, store, manage and share web pages from the centralized source. With the emphasis on the strength of the community, Delicious improve how people are finding, considering and sharing on the Internet.

You can bookmark any site on the Internet, and do it from anywhere with Delicious. Instead of storing different bookmarks on each computer, Delicious make it easy to have a single set of bookmarks saved in sync among all your computers. Even if you are not on your own computer, you still get your bookmarks on the Delicious site.

If your friends use Delicious, you can send your bookmarks that they can see when they log on. They can do the same for you. When you search the site and find interesting users, you can use their Subscriptions and Network features to track Delicious tags and users that you find most interesting.

By looking at bookmarks for popular tags, you can find the most useful and interesting bookmarks on the topic you like. Browse all bookmarks in a format that is easy to read.


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