Jan 4, 2009

Amazon Search Widget

The Search Widget lets your readers find and explore interesting products from Amazon.com without them leaving your blog. Now you can include an Amazon search box on your page. Any search typed into the search box will show the matching Amazon products inside the widget. This lets your viewers look for Amazon products without ever leaving your page.

You can also customize the display of your widget by choosing from various display and theme options available. After you are done, just click on the "Add to my Web page" button to install your widget on your blog or web site.

When you configure the widget, you can allow viewers to search the entire Amazon catalog, or you can restrict the search to just a single Amazon product group. For example, if your page has reviews of your favorite video games, you can restrict the search box to just search the Video Games product group.

Easily place relevant Search widgets throughout your blog here.


  1. Hi friend I should consider your point and place an Amazon Search Widget in my eye care blog to promote product related with vision care and vision disorders. I am member of Amazon Affiliate site from two years back. But still could not make any sell from there. This time I shall give a thrush towards this. Thanks for this useful info and congratulations for the heard work you put to make this blog outstanding in the internet. And thanks for giving us an opportunity to get link back from your site as you are supporting DoFollow Blog.

  2. @ Eyecare123. You can put this search widget on your blog. I hope it can help you to promote related products to the content of your blog. And please enjoy the link love :).

  3. Never play with amazon... should i try?


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