Jan 3, 2009

Amazon aStore Widgets

With aStore widgets, you can display products from aStore (click here for example aStore). You can add aStore widgets to various pages of your blog and drive traffic to your aStore.

Use the Build Links tool to select the appearance and behavior of the widget, and then simply cut-and-paste the code into your template or Blog page. Your page will now display aStore widget.

See the aStore Widgets FAQ for more information including details on how to customize the look and feel of aStore widgets.


  1. yes and its a load of shite doesnt earn you shit lol

  2. aStore widgets is a great monetization for high traffic websites/blogs. It's depend on targeted traffics and usually it will pay well.

  3. @ Anonymous, Roger. I agree with you Roger and now I'm trying to make money with it. All I need is supports, advices, opinions of the readers.


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