Jan 9, 2009

AddYours® For An Alternative Blog Directory

Today, I want to introduce you to my new blog directory. It's called AddYours®. I created this blog directory to provide an alternative directory for bloggers. A social community, where the bloggers of all sizes can add a blog, link, article and even promote an article for free.

I started this blog directory on December 2008. My goal is to help bloggers to connect with others and create friendships with other bloggers. You can also leave comments, ratings on each of your favorite blogs / articles.

So, go check it now. Add your blog, add your link, promote your article and get a free back link.

Thanks to Martinact420 for the review about AddYours®.

Updated: Another review by DallasMarketingServices.


  1. AddYours looks great! I have added Dallas Marketing, Moshi and Kibo's and several of my clients. Will recommend as well.

  2. @ Kim. Thank you very much Kim. It really help us to grow. Appreciated! :)

  3. I love the clean (and good looking) design. A good deal of "privately" started directories are cluttered with ads and a mess of links. Thanks for putting all the time into this project! Its looks promising. Proud to be registered. :)

  4. Hello,

    I am giving your blog this Butterfly Award please click the link http://maalamat.blogspot.com/2009/01/butterfly-award.html.


  5. Thanks for creating and sharing it... :)
    Will try it out soon..

  6. @ Jade, Caravan, Cashmere. Thanks for registering your blog.

    @ Ice. Thanks for the award.

    @ Articles. I was visiting you back.

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