Dec 18, 2008

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A Man With A Dark Past
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  1. i never use signature.. and i never try how to use every single social bookmark and social network included on signature.. yups.. time to try it... thx Dedeandro....

    Wew.. u have facebook account too.. i dont know b4.. i have added u on... plz approve me to be ur facebook's friend... thx...

  2. @ Idot. That's another way to promote your blog. Yup, I'll add your Facebook as soon as I get there. Lets be a friend! Thanks Idot!

    Now you're using Name/URL. That's great! C U friend.

  3. ohh i think i have accounts on those but im too. :p

  4. @ Jh3n. You can add me as a friend if you want to :)

  5. I never use signature and even dont know how to use single bookmarkand social etwork includ on signature.


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