Dec 15, 2008

My BlogCatalog News Feed Widget

This News Feed widget is a little powerful tool, that when added to your blog it will automatically display what you are doing on social networks, that you have added to your BlogCatalog profile, and even more exciting as you use the News Feed widget your blog traffic will increase.

The BlogCatalog News Feed Widget gives you the opportunity to keep your readers plugged into your recent actives on the web. By adding more communities, make yours more interesting.


  1. Hi DedeAndro

    How does the widget increase blog traffic?

  2. @ Daryl. This widget display what you are doing in BlogCatalog. When you put the widget on your blog, visitors can see directly your activities. This will attracts visitors even they do not have to login to their account. Automatically, this will increase your blog traffic.

  3. I like the Recent Viewer from blogcatalog...

  4. @ Our Food Recipes. Yes, I already use BC Recent Viewer. It's on the footer of this blog.


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