Dec 22, 2008

ImageShack - Online Media Hosting

What is ImageShack?

ImageShack is an intuitive and easy-to-use free media hosting service. It can be used to upload images, flash files, and movies, and share them with friends using any imaginable means.

Allow your blog visitors to experience the full power of ImageShack's image hosting by placing the ImageShack upload form directly into your website, message board or blog.

  • Direct access to ImageShack from blog.
  • Offsource bandwidth to ImageShack's servers.
  • Blog visitors retain their ImageShack accounts (if they have registered with ImageShack).
  • Transparency and customizable txtcolor/size attributes allow for full integration with style of blog.
  • Each upload opens in a new window, and allows blog visitors to reach ImageShack without leaving blog.
Get Your Own Uploader here.

Interested in a more robust solution? Visit the developer center for more information.


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