Dec 10, 2008

I Have Moved My Blog List

A Blog List is much more than just a list of links. It's a live view of the blogs that matter to you. It shows the most recently updated blog first. A Blog List of your favorite blogs is a way to show off what you read.

For the second time, due to maximizing space on my blog, I really sorry that I've to move all of my Blog List. Some of them have been moved to Magical Links and the rest have moved to My Social Networks (if you wanna know what social networks I've joined and I'll add other useful links there). It doesn't mean that I don't accept exchange links anymore. You know that I love exchange link with others.

I hope you still find my blog interesting. Thank you!

Image: GardenStateCentral


  1. Hi Friend,My Blog walking with a smile,hope you'll do the same.thanks.

  2. @ lusia. Done already visiting your blogs! :)

  3. I love your blog and I definitely will be adding it to my Useful Links, right NOW! :)

  4. @ Kelly. Hey, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Don't forget to add your link here.

  5. Love your blod and will check more usefull link.


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