Dec 19, 2008

Google Friend Connect Wall Gadget

Google Friend Connect Wall Gadget allows viewers to post comments, or links to videos on your blog.

You can set up the Wall gadget here.


  1. i c... i c...

    I see this one on ur sidebar...

    Anyway.. can u teach how to make multiple coloumn at the bottom of ur blog? I think it would be usefull for my blog...

    Thx Dedeandro for each awesome articles... :)

  2. happy weekend, nice to meet you

  3. @ Idot. I'm not the expert of this. You can contact me via contact link above (bellow header menu)then I'll try to explain it to you via email.

    @ Market. Thanks!

  4. hi dear just visiting around and wanna say have a nice weekend.and please visit mine too.Thanks

  5. saya dulu pasang tp saya lepas lagi... hehe.. kyknya jd bikin berat loading blogku

  6. @ Admin. Hi, I've already visited your blog just now. Have a nice day :).

    @ Lyla. Iya mbak, emang kadang kalo kebanyakan widget jadi berat loading-nya. Makasih mbak udah mo mampir :)


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