Dec 27, 2008

Google Friend Connect Rate Gadget

Allows viewers to rate a page, or a section of a page. Viewers can use this to rate videos, articles, books, photos, songs, or anything else you can imagine. You can put multiple Rate Gadgets on one page, one for each item you want viewers to review.

You can set up the Rate Gadget here.


  1. I tried to put up this gadget after reading your blog. But obviously in won't work to me: I am myself not registered as being "logged in" so I can't leave comments. And then I suspect neither can anyone else. Perhaps it is the two files I was presumed to put on my site that does not function - there were no directions afforded on how to do that.

  2. @ Anders W. Ellingsen. Hi Anders, you don't have to upload these 2 files. That files were provided by Blogger. I think I know the problem you have there. If you want to use this gadget, you have to add another gadget so you / anyone can join & leave a comment on your blog. It's called Members Gadget. Don't forget to sign in (join/follow) before leaving a comment. I'm not the expert on how installing this gadget but I hope, this will help you.


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