Dec 9, 2008

Google Friend Connect For Blog Traffic

Google Friend Connect
Grow traffic to your blog by adding social features to your blog. Google Friend Connect means more people interesting, more deeply with your blog and with one another.
  • Enrich your blog. Select interesting social features gadgets from the catalog by Google and OpenSocial developer community.
  • Attract more visitors. Your users can invite friends from the social network and contacts list to join and visit your blog.
  • There is no program whatsoever. Just copy and paste the code to your blog and Google Friend Connect does the rest.
You can set up a new blog here.


  1. Thank you so much it will help me to get more follower and more viewers to my blog.

  2. @ filmblogger. I'm glad if it can help you to get more followers and viewers to your blog.

  3. I added Google Friend Connect to my blog a few days ago. It was easy to add and a few people have connected via it. I suspect there might be some interesting things you can do with it at some point, but right now, I don't seem any great functionality, or advantages to adding it.

    I'm looking through your widgets, and I don't see it on your site. Am I missing something, or why haven't you added it?

  4. @ No, I have not add it in this blog but I have added it in my other blog. I still thinking where I should place that widget in this blog. Maybe I should re-design the layout first.

    @ iceah. Yup, you are welcome :)

  5. @ googlefriendconnectblog. Hey, lets join my blog :).


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