Dec 17, 2008

Feedjit Recommended Reading Widget

Feedjit Recommended Reading Widget suggested another page on your blog that might interest your readers. This evaluation uses sophisticated algorithms called Collaborative Filtering.

For example, your blog visitors can see one of your blog entries about DedeAndro™. Feedjit know that 10 other visitors also visit the other 2 entries that you write about DedeAndro™. So, it suggested these 2 pages to your new visitors.

This feature works best on the blog with more than 20 page views per day. If you have a low traffic, they recommend Page Popularity widget, available in their home page.
If your blog generates more than 20 page views per day, then you can install this widget. It will start recommending these pages to your visitors.

Visitors who arrive at your blog from search engines and social media websites such as and often see only 1 page on your blog and then leave. Feedjit will find your blog page the most interesting to your new visitors. It will suggested these pages, hopefully, it can turn the new visitors become regular visitors to your blog.

This widget will update after you install it, and it will continue to update when new visitors arrive at your blog and provide more data.

This algorithm has been designed for speed. It works very well, even in high-traffic blog that has tens of thousands of pages.


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