Dec 5, 2008

Feedjit Page Popularity Widget

Feedjit Page Popularity Widget shows the most popular pages on your blog or website by analyzing your recent traffic patterns. It constantly updates as new visitors arrive on your blog and maintains an up to date list of popular pages.

This widget does not require a minimum amount of traffic for you to use it. Simply install it and you're all set.

This widget draws new visitors into your blog or website by showing off your best content. If you have pages with a high bounce rate, displaying your most popular content in a prominent position can help draw new visitors into your blog and grow your regular reader base.


  1. Nice info :)

    Usually i use Stats from Wordpress ...

    More precision :p


  2. I tend to try to not use services that are external to my site simply because your page load time will decrease with more and more widgets. As an alternative to this, you could provide a random post widget, or the most talked about posts (top posts) widget.

    I find value in some, but I always look for ones that are part of the blog before I go with an external service like Feedjit.


  3. @ ghprod, Wayne John. Unfortunately, Blogger does not provide this kind of widget. Yes, I agree with you, Wayne. The more external widgets will increase page load time. Is there any widget for Blogger platform to show their top posts or random posts?

  4. Am I the only one who loves this?
    I love Feedjit widgets esp the traffic...
    I get to know where my visitors come from, how they got to my site... =) The popularity widget to me is not so important.. I don't think people really use that..

  5. @ Cashmere. Don't worry, you're not the only one who love this widget :). There are many users out there using this widget on their blog to show their popular posts.

  6. Hmm I once loved this one but I really don't think that the stats are accurate. They even sometimes include pages that you yourself clicked on...

  7. @ Bryan Karl. I have used it before. Due to maximizing space on my blog than I removed the widget.


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