Dec 1, 2008

Entrecard Top Droppers November 2008

This lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on DedeAndro the most in the last 30 days:
my review. My review about anything. 30

Computer Aid. Interesting PC problems encountered by a Computer Tech. Plus some other stuff :-). 30

BRYAN KARL | Everything Online. It is everything online! 30

My note's. What I'm looking and thinking. 30

Wood Gas. Renewable energy. 30 A blog about computing, programming (Microsoft related products and open source), technologies, Linux, latest internet trends and other general topic outside Information Technology scope. 30

Marriage and Beyond. on marriage, everything in between and thereafter. 30

Room 237: Origins. What about Room 237. Room 237? You're scared of Room 237, ain't ya? No I ain't. What's is in Room 237? Nothin'. There ain't nothin' in Room 237. But you ain't got no business goin' in there anyway. So stay out. You understand? Stay out. 30

Grow Your Own Vegetables. With food prices sky high it is time to grow your own food. 30

One World One Reason. One world One Reason is exactly what it implies, we all live on one big overheated, overpopulated and slowly melting globe, but its still beautiful and offers us so much. Confused don't be! I have watched the flying fish bob the sea at sunset and the dolphins breaking the bow of the Calypso, I have dived in murky waters and swam in Antarctica,I have always been in the University of Life, played on foreign shores, and was saying "no guns" in the theatres of post war torn countries, so what now! Living every day with a wealth of knowledge and thinking what really has been accomplished. These pages are what's going on close by and on distant shores and trying to of course help good causes by spreading the word, so enjoy. Just keep in your minds that we live in One World and the One Reason is "Up to You". 30
Thanks for being my Entrecard Top Droppers.


  1. Youre welcome and thanks for the link love too! :)

  2. Hi.. thank for the link love and the ads, I'm really appreciate it :) Success ya !!

  3. @ Bryan Karl, chodirin, Adi. Thanks for your support guys. I really appreciate for that. More success for you all!


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