Dec 31, 2008

Amazon Omakase Links

With Omakase Links, you can now automatically display the products and content that visitors to the page are most likely to buy. Adding Omakase Links to your pages is easy. Use the Build Links tool to select the appearance and behavior of the ad, and then simply cut-and-paste the code into your template or Blog page. Your page will now display Omakase Links and after a short learning period, the ads will be optimized based on what the Associate has been successful with in the past; what that user has been interested in; and what the blog is about.

Because Omakase Links optimize on more than just the page itself, you may see a range of different products in your links but they will also see that the links learn what the visitors want. In fact, because Omakase Links aim to show the right product to the right person, each person visiting your blog may see different products.

You now have options for modifying the layout and adapting the ads to the look-and-feel of your blog. You can make the placements fit the blog and support their brand by selecting the background colors, link and border colors, and the use of text or images.


  1. Wahh info menarik mas..
    Aku punya Web. untuk butikku...pakai joomla..
    kira-kira bisa ngga ya??
    tentang Omakase Links harusnya diperinci mas...gimana cara dptnya..

  2. @ Atca. Saya belom pernah pake Joomla dan bukan expert-nya web platform (nggak ada yang ngajarin hiks hiks). Setau saya, kalo support HTML/JavaScript bisa kok mbak. Untuk cara dapetinnya bisa dicari di postingan saya kemaren tentang "The Amazon Associates".


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