Dec 12, 2008

Amazon Favorites Widget

Amazon Favorites Widget
Express yourself by recommending and commenting on products from Amazon. Let everyone know how you feel and what you like!

Use this widget to showcase DVDs you own, products you recommend, your top picks for Valentine's day, your favorite movies, music you grew up with - almost anything. Express yourself and show your favorites in three quick steps:
  1. Choose and sort your products, and add your comments if you want.
  2. Customize the colors and layout of your widget to suit your blog the page where your widget will go.
  3. Add the widget to your page.
To choose products, enter your search terms in the search box. You can search the entire Amazon catalog, or choose to search only within a selected Amazon store. When you find the products you are interested in, click ‘add product’ to have then shown in your widget.

You can add comments to your selected products (make sure you hit the ‘Save Comments’ button!), and you can drag and drop the products to rearrange their order in the list.

Hit the “Next step” button to go and customize the look and feel of your widget. Then when you like the look, hit “Add to my Web page” to get it onto your page.

Easily place unique My Favorites widgets throughout your blog here.


  1. Kunjungi blog saya ya... jgn lupa ikutan link exchange ya....

  2. @ Indra. Iya, baru aja dari TKP, he he. Oya, kalo mo tukeran link, pasang aja link blog ini di blog kamu & pasang link kamu di Magical Link:

    @ Haical. Thanks friend :D

  3. real true sssmmile for u and surely back also

  4. hehehe... nice widget...
    Btw.. i've been joining amazon affiliate for several months... mmm... so hard rite' to get earnings from amazon?

  5. @ Anjely. Thanks.

    @ Idot. Yeah, because they're affiliate program.

    @ Aalil. Salam kenal jua ya.


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