Dec 7, 2008

AdMatchup For Blog Advertisement

AdMatchup is a free online advertisement for your blog. The idea is that other blog registered with AdMatchup will advertise for you, and in return you will advertise for them on your blog. In four steps you can begin advertising through AdMatchup:
  1. Create an account
  2. Register your blog with AdMatchup
  3. Upload your advertisement banners
  4. Begin Advertising
AdMatchup's service is FREE. You can advertise for others, and they will advertise for you than AdMatchup will manage it.
They provide banner exchange for you, as you will advertise for others as much as they advertise for you.

AdMatchup has been developed by Armin Bahramshahry. Due to his interest in peer-to-peer collaborative systems, Armin began developing AdMatchup. The idea is to provide a completely free service to one another, where everyone would benefit.

AdMatchup does not generate any income from members, as it is a free service. If you have suggestions, you can contact them on their forum or email them at:


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