Nov 7, 2008

Privax Protecting Your Online Privacy

Privax giving people the chance to surf anonymously online. Privax consists of The Privax Network. Web proxies give people the ability to surf anonymously online with ease, by visiting one of their networked sites, anyone in the world can surf under their IP address in America. This brings many advantages, example is when a college student wants to access a site which is blocked by the college filter system (e.g. Friendster), they offer these students the ability and freedom to access blocked sites.

The Privax free proxy widget allows you to put a web proxy form on your blog with ease. The widget displays a list of web proxy sites (updated automatically when new sites are added) and allows you and your website visitors to jump straight to a proxy URL. The script offers a random proxy option or you can choose a specific site from the drop down menu. The widget is powered by JavaScript and all you have to do is paste their code into your blog, no technical knowledge is required.

For more information about web proxy, click here.


  1. Hello and thanks for this. I added it to my collection of proxy sites. Never know, may always come in handy:) Have a nice day

  2. @ FIlm-Book dot Com, ditesco. You are welcome both of you and have a nice day :)


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