Nov 30, 2008

My Entrecard Statistics Report

Entrecard Statistics
This chart shows the number of cards that I dropped on other peoples blogs in the last 30 days. Is it good, isn't it? I really want to boost my visibility by dropping my card in the blog inbox, as well as gaining my credits. What I did was, visit more blogs and drop whenever I see the drop yours button. Am I deserve to get 'A drop master (Deeply committed - Deadly serious)' rank?

I have tried to drop almost all categories in Entrecard, from the 'Art' category to 'Writing and Literature' category, from the most expensive to the cheapest ones. This way, I thought I would get reciprocal drops in my inbox, but the number of cards that were dropped on my blog each day didn't show a good number of drops as well as my advertising price and my position in the Campaign listings.
My widget is on the first page on my blog, and it is easily visible to Entrecard-enabled visitors. The way I have done before was wrong. Why? Because I didn't get a good number of reciprocal drops in my inbox. So, from now I have decided to have an experience by dropping only cards that were dropped in my inbox and see what will happen next.

You might already knew the tips and tricks on how to drop your card quickly. But here, I just want to share what tools I use to drop my card. I use Firefox 3 with ImgLikeOpera add-ons and Entrebar 0.9.1 Beta version. I think, these were great tools.

For your information, if you want to advertise on my blog through your Entrecard, my blog is open. I decided not to decline any pending ads, because I know how it feel. See my blog profile for details.

I hope you enjoy reading this. Feel free to give advices or share your thoughts by leaving your comments below.


  1. For me, I don't have to much time in my hands for dropping cards.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of drops! I only reached the maximum drops one time.

  3. Well, I am hope I am not one of those people who do not return the favor:) Actually, I do think that it will be a good experiment to drop only on those that drop on you... Will see how it goes. I will like to know the results.

    Anyway, that is an awful lot of dropping you do. TC

  4. i think you got some drops from me ;)
    congrats for your consistency. for some of us lime is an issue, and i am not too fast in my droppings. I always start also with inbox cards from the previous day, and they to finish them all.

  5. Wow, that was awesome!
    Checking my stats now and it shows that I have only dropped 300ECs/day for 3 days only for the month of November. You are such a dropaholic one!

    Since I have the same situation as yours, not getting enough drops, I am now dropping to those who are in my Inbox. Still not satisfied with the number of drops I'm getting but hopefully, it will improve soon.

  6. @ Roffi, Babette. Sometimes I have the same thoughts as you, but I still do it ;).

    @ diTesco. Thanks diTesco. It's OK. That's just an experience about dropping my card and I want to see the next results :).

    @ tingtong. Thanks friend. I appreciate that :)

    @ fat. Thanks fat. Yeah, that's the problem. I hope someone out there would help us to give tips or tricks about that :D.


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