Nov 25, 2008

Feedjit Live Traffic Map

Feedjit's live traffic map shows the geographic locations of the last 100 visitors to your blog or website on a small map. If you move your mouse over any point on the map the city and country for that visitor will be displayed.

The map is updated in real-time and a new point will appear on it as visitors arrive on your blog. The live traffic map only shows the city your visitors are in.

The small map shows the 100 most recent visitors to your website. The large map shows the 1000 most recent visitors. They designed it this way because the small map is too crowded with more than 100 points and the data becomes meaningless.

The larger map has more space so they made the limit 1000 to give you more data.


  1. wah... pake live traffic feedjit bisa tau orang yang plagiat hehe... gara2 live traffic feedjit saya jadi tau orang yang copas postingan saya...

  2. @ Lyla. Bagus tuh mbak. Jadi bisa tau sapa yang kopas postingan. BTW, belom tidur mbak?

  3. wew,,,baru tau saya kalo pake itu bsa tau org2 yg copas tulisan gt...hehehhe..thanks neh info nya bos..

    belajar dan berbagi

  4. Good morning Brader....;;);;)

  5. @ AaLiL. He he, saya juga baru tau dari mbak Lyla :D

    @ Business. Morning friend.

    @ Tita. Hello Tita, thanks for visiting.


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