Nov 16, 2008

BlogCatalog 360 Search Tool

The BlogCatalog team is announce the launch of the BC 360 widget - an embeddable search tool, for your blog, designed to offer your blog readers with a new way to search your blog, your social activities and your favorite BlogCatalog blogs. The BC 360 is designed to increase the amount of time readers spend on your blog, your page views, as well as enable you to share traffic with your favorite blogger. Check it out at BlogCatalog Widgets, install it on your blog increase your traffic and then let them know what you think.

With the BC 360 Search Widget you give your readers the opportunity to browse your blog content like never before. Your readers can search your blog and social activities as well as the BlogCatalog blogger in your network.


  1. Wow, that's a useful widget, I didn't know about this before, thanks for posting.
    Cool blog!

  2. How can this widget pass me by. I am a BlogCatalog heavy user and never saw this. Great tool.. Maybe I will install it. Thanks Dede for sharing this. This is the reason why I regularly visit your site. Keep it up...

  3. nice info bro... thanks for sharing... i'll try to install it soon

  4. @ This Makes My Day, ditesco, Revarius. Thanks all. Hope you like my posts ;)


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